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C.P ASSOCIATES have developed a sector specialism with over twenty years’ experience in working with schools, academies and colleges.

We have extensive experience of securing funding and exploring funding routes for schools and academies.

We have built good relationships with the dioceses and local authorities within the Midlands area. Our Chartered Surveyors are experienced in securing funds for schools for a wide range of projects from extensions, refurbishments to maintenance works.

Funding Applications:

C.P ASSOCIATES have a proven track record for securing funding for academies and schools, including CIF (Condition Improvement Fund) and LCVAP (Local Education Authority Coordinated Voluntary Aided Programme) among other funding streams. We have a designated team that can provide you with the necessary supporting information to complete your bid. We can produce feasibility studies, designs and cost plans, based on the client requirements.

Development Plans:

C.P ASSOCIATES will work with schools to prepare long-term programmes of works. The programme of works may include smaller maintenance works, such as replacement doors, decoration, flooring, safeguarding etc. to larger scale projects such as toilet refurbishments, extensions, new builds etc.

Our Surveyors will work closely with the school to establish the schools needs and assist them with prioritising the work over a several year development plan. We will assess the suitability of facilities, such as classroom sizes, toilet provision, dining space, condition of service installations, security and safeguarding, playgrounds, and parking facilities. Our expert team will manage everything from inception through to completion.

We have experience of developing 3,5 & 10 year plans to enable our schools/academies to plan their capital expenditure for the medium to long term.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.

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