Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) surveys are an essential tool for any building owner, especially those that manage large estates.

A PPM survey provides owners with an insight into the future maintenance costs of their property allowing them to efficiently maintain, manage and improve their properties over a period of time.

C.P ASSOCIATES will carry out a detailed inspection and provide our clients with a schedule of condition highlighting defects, recommendations for the repair with a budget costs and timescales for the remedial works within the overall planned maintenance strategy. These surveys allow our clients to budget their maintenance programmes accordingly, optimise the value of their assets and avoid unexpected costly reactive repair works.

As well as taking into consideration long-term maintenance issues we also highlight any immediate health and safety issues, breaches of statutory compliance such as fire safety, disabled access etc.…, and thermal inefficiencies. We can also arrange for measured surveys, asbestos surveys and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s), providing you with as much information as possible about your property portfolio.

We have an extensive network of contractors to offer a reactive maintenance service.

We carry out Planned Maintenance services throughout Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire & Derbyshire

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